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    Florida Homeowners Insurance Against Dogs

    If you live in South Florida, you already know that areas like Miami-Dade County have ordinances in place that do not allow residents to own Pit Bulls. Sadly, Pit Bulls, when raised by responsible pet owners, can be some of the sweetest dogs on the planet, but irresponsible dog owners, breeders and dog fighters have bred a bad name for the Pit Bull. Is Florida homeowners insurance against dogs, too? While it may seem that Florida homeowners insurance against dogs is unfair, there are statistics that support this feeling. If you live in South Florida and would like help finding homeowners insurance, you can visit https://floridainsurancequotes.net/florida-homeowners-insurance/ and get a quote today.

    Dog Bite Statistics & Homeowners Insurance

    If you are a dog owner and a Florida homeowner, regardless of the breed of dog, there are some serious statistics that you need to consider to ensure that you protect yourself, your family, your home, and most importantly, your precious dog. Did you know that, according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), more than 4.7 million people are bitten by dogs every year? In addition to this staggering statistic, over $400 million are spent each year in medical costs related to canine-inflicted injuries. Consequently, more than 1/3 of homeowner’s insurance liability claims are related to dog bite claims. No wonder it seems like Florida homeowners insurance against dogs is prevalent!

    Does Your Florida Homeowners Insurance Cover Dog Bites?

    Not all Florida homeowners insurance policies cover dog bites, therefore if you are a homeowner and you also own a dog, you should read thoroughly though your homeowners policy, or you can place a call to your insurance agent to evaluate whether or not you have insurance that covers dog bites – and if your policy does not cover it, you should ask your agent if there is a policy that you can purchase that does cover dog bites and how much it will cost. Unfortunately, not all insurance companies offer policies that cover dog bites, so if you own a dog, think about the statistics that we have noted above and seriously evaluate the consequences (lawsuits, medical bills, etc.) that could occur if your dog bites someone.

    My Dog Would NEVER Bite Someone!

    You might be thinking, “My dog would NEVER bite someone!” Unfortunately, we are guessing that the majority of the 4.7 million owners of the dogs who bit someone last year were thinking the same exact thing. Dogs are born with a natural protection gene; therefore even the sweetest pooch could bite a person whom they consider an “intruder” or a “danger” to their home and their family, which they consider their “possessions”. Unfairly, someone might do something to provoke or frighten your dog and get bitten. Even in these cases, the dog is considered wrong and you, as the owner, will be punished in the form of a lawsuit.

    Most dogs have not learned how to inhibit their bite, so they will bite a child just as hard as they will bite an adult. No matter how strongly you feel like your dog would never bite someone, understand that dogs cannot talk or explain themselves or even say sorry, so your best bet if you own a dog is to consult with your insurance agency about Florida homeowners insurance against dogs and make sure that you protect your family and your assets, just in case your dog becomes one of the sad canine injury statistics.

  • Your Options for Texas Car Insurance

    While there are many different forms to choose from, Texas car insurance isn’t actually an option. If you want to get behind the wheel, you need this insurance or you risk a hefty fine if not far worse. Let’s take a look now at what kinds of options exist for this  form of insurance.

    Liability Insurance

    This form of Texas car insurance from http://texasinsurancequotes.us covers you in the event that you’re in a car accident and the incident is ruled your fault. The name is due to the fact that the repairs are now your liability.

    Liability insurance will take care of the price of any medical bills incurred by the inured as well as repairing the damage you caused to any property. Texas actually has a minimum of liability coverage you absolutely must purchase. Otherwise, people could end up with the lowest possible amount, technically “have insurance” and yet not be able to pay for any damage they cause due to reckless driving.

    Even though you only need the bare minimum for this type of insurance, it’s generally a good idea to get more than what’s legally required of you. Remember, one way or another you’re going to end up paying for any damage you cause, so it’s not a bad idea to make sure an insurance company has to help out.

    Collision Coverage

    So long as the accident in question is one your Texas car insurance covers, collision coverage will pay for any repairs your vehicle needs. It will even pay you the value of your vehicle if the automobile was completely totaled in the accident.

    For older cars, this type of Texas car insurance may simply not be worth it. You could end up paying a lot more per month than you’d ever get back, in short order. It might make more sense to just save your money for a new car when one becomes necessary.

    Comprehensive Coverage

    Plenty of things can happen to your vehicle aside from traffic related events. For example, hail damage could occur or lighting could knock a tree over on it while you’re parked. In such an event, the above two types of coverage will not come to your aid. Only comprehensive coverage will take care of the repairs you need.

    Personal Injury Protection

    Even if you don’t want to purchase comprehensive coverage, you should really take personal injury protection seriously. This insurance will take care of medical bills for both you and your passengers, no matter who is ruled at fault for the accident.

    Medical bills can stack up quick especially when it’s an auto accident. Don’t end up wishing you had taken out personal injury protection later on.

    Uninsured Motorist Protection

    Of course, just because state law mandates you must have Texas car insurance, many drivers simply don’t bother with it. So if you wind up in an accident with one of these drivers, you could be the one stuck with paying for your repairs. Uninsured motorist protection, though, will have your back in such a situation.

    So before you go and put money down for a policy, consider the above. You’ll get the protection you need, which will pay off big time when it becomes necessary.